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Clarity is in the chaos.

What’s it like to work on something you don’t understand without someone telling you exactly what to do?

What matters is not how well you execute, but how you show up when figuring out what tasks you need to execute.

Old Paradigm: A teacher or boss gives you a task list and says “Go do this in this way by this time with this person for these reasons”.

  • Key Metric: Ability to follow orders.

New Paradigm: Figure out who you are, why you’re here, and how you’ll be while doing the best work of your life.

  • Key Metric: Ability to show up, imagine, try, learn, integrate, and try again.

Making something new means messy times are ahead. It’s not supposed to easy. Nobody will tell you “right” or “wrong”.

Sometimes we just want something to be clear and easy to understand when it simply is not.


There are steps before “the doing” that are easy to miss. What do we do before we do? How do we figure out what to do? When do we know we’re there? Where is there? Why are we going?

To notice a few more steps on the path reveal themselves, create space for intuition.

Be yourself. Trust yourself. Show up. Ask questions. Collectively act. Take calculated risks, discover answers through exploration, and share learnings along the way.

There is no “done”. There is only “done, for now”. “Here’s the answer” is replaced with “Figure out the question.”

Whichever decision you make — this way or that way— is, in fact, the way. There is no looking back in regret. Only reflection. No mistakes. Only lessons. Bring your learnings forward into the next iteration of yourself — integrate.

Simplify complexity. Crystallize ambiguity.

Find clarity in the chaos.

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