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DNA of a Specialist

DNA is an exercise to do on your own to take the temperature of where you are so that you can personalize your experience. It’s also a helpful tool for you to bring with you in conversations with new team members and potential partners as you integrate cultures together and build alignment.

  • Purpose: Why do I exist?
  • Meaning: Why did I originally get into my line of work?
  • Innovation: When did I start to notice new ways to improve outcomes for the people I serve?
  • Purpose of Innovation: Why do I want to innovate a new approach?
  • Values: What’s important to me?
  • Challenges: In this present moment, what’s the biggest challenge of my working life?
  • Vision: How will the world feel as a result of my innovation?

Please work through your responses to these questions prior to our first cluster on January 15th, 2021 at 6:30pm PST.

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