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Movement of Humanity

Notice your gifts and superpowers as valuable resources uncovered from within. You already have what you need — you are complete.

Humanity of The Four Movements

Cultural beliefs motivate collective behavior resulting in the world we see today. We currently live in the imagination of previous generations. To produce new outcomes means cultivating cultural beliefs that inspire behavior of a new paradigm – or, “new normal” – that replaces ego with humility; shame with feeling seen; competition with collaboration; speaking with listening; and so on.

Cultivate your superpowers and transmute them into digital assets offered by your business through a platform tailored to the people you support. More on how that works later — for now, let’s watch a video about influencing the inception of heart-centered business ideas.

Movement of Humanity

The intention is to reconnect with our humanity, get back in touch with ourselves – know ourselves more deeply; cultivate superpowers like empathy, compassion, and vulnerability; and uncover the intrinsic motivation that influences the inception of our ideas for creating heart-centered businesses that make our world a good place.

Noticing when a paradigm no longer serves its intended purpose allows its release to create space for a new paradigm – or, “new normal” – to emerge.

There are three areas to be conscious of within the movement of Humanity:

1. Self: The intention is to develop a deeper relationship with yourself. When you show up as more of yourself, it gives people an opportunity to connect with the real you.

2. People: The intention is to strengthen the bond with another person. Make time for people. Show up for them. Honor them with your attention and presence.

3. Storytelling: The act of showing up to receive another person’s story calls forth superpowers like empathy and compassion. Likewise, the storyteller calls forth courage and vulnerability.

Such beautiful gifts come into the world through this simple, yet profound, moment of connection. It starts with you.

Practical Resources

Below, you will find concrete resources below to (1) measure the state of your consciousness before and after moments of transformation, (2) strengthen a social bond with another person, and (3) cultivate your sense of self.

1. Check-in: Use this tool to notice a change in your state. Check-in with yourself by answering the same questions before and after an experience, “How do I feel right now — physically, emotionally, mentally? What’s it like to be me at this moment?”

2. Sense of Self: Respond in your journal: What did I come here for — to this life? Why do I exist? What is important to me? How are my actions — and the ways I am being — aligned with my values and the purpose of my existence?

3. Storytelling: Schedule a socially distant video call with someone new in your life. Get to know this person, hear their story, and gain a deeper understanding of them. Journal Prompts: Who is this person? What do they believe? What is it like to be them? When I put myself in their shoes and see the world through their eyes, what do I feel?

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