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Notice the patterns of your working life.

Patterns facilitate the way you show up in your working life.

Patterns are made of smaller actions sequenced to achieve a goal. The patterns that run a business can be inherited or invented and they can form intentionally or unintentionally.

For example, the way you build a roadmap to realize your vision is a pattern:

  • Why are you going? (Purpose)
  • What principles guide your decisions? (Values)
  • Where are you going? (Goal)
  • What do you need to learn along the way? (Development)
  • Who is coming with you? (People)
  • When will you arrive? (Timeline)
  • How will you know you’re on the path? (Milestones)

Notice your ways of being with a customer.

The way you interact. The way you advocate. The way you engage, educate, and exchange energy.

Observe yourself from above during each interaction — the way you prepare, show up, and follow through. There are meaningful patterns throughout, and they represent your unique way of making our world a good place.

Notice these patterns throughout your working life.

At this Friday’s Cluster for Specialists at 6pm PST, we’ll explore some of these patterns. Together, we will uncover ways to standardize them to improve the quality, consistency, and value of your services.

Daniel Burns (DB), our Chief Kindness Officer, is crafting our social contract, Human Treaty. It’s like our version of legal. If you have questions about the ways we interact with the world, please leave a comment below the treaty with your questions, comments, or concerns.

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