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Making things better for women. [Specialists Cluster: January 15th]

As I learn more about women, I see that their human experience is colored with profound moments of transition, transformation, and growth (birth, menstruation, menopause, etc).

I recently met a group of women who come from different parts of the world — I consider each of them a ‘specialist’ — meaning, she invests her working life into serving other women through some of those profound moments, and she’s damn good at it.

The world healed a little more today because of these women.

The specialist has done her work long enough to see untapped opportunities that she is likely only able to leverage by leaving her existing institution or company to become a full-time entrepreneur.

Support through that transition is where we come in.

At Human Venture Lab, we’re curious to learn what becomes possible when more women like those I mentioned above start and grow ventures that support women through the profound moments of the human experience.

Our team is working closely with each visionary specialist to embody her vision, personalize her roadmap, and prepare a dedicated team that will bring her big ideas to life.

But first, I want to share a brief note about penguins.

Have you noticed the way penguins look out for each other? They huddle. They take turns being in the middle. Everyone gets an opportunity to be surrounded by the love and support they need to thrive.

That’s what we hope to begin cultivating here, now, with you.

Clusters are small, intimate, 60-90 minute gatherings where specialists take turns being in the middle of collective support. Just like penguins. Only, not penguins because we are humans.

  • What: Cluster for Specialists
  • Why: The intention is to connect, answer your questions about how we work together, check-in on your status, and sketch out a 30 day timeline of deliverables.
  • When: Friday, January 15th at 6pm-7:30pm PST
  • How:
  • Pre-Work: Please show up for the Zoom call with answers to your DNA (self, culture, and innovation) questions already completed.

Please let me know if there’s anything you need in the meantime. Otherwise, I’ll plan to see you next Friday at 6pm PST.

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