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Welcome to Human.

Human is a community for heart-centered creators building businesses that make our world a good place.

We are a nourishing oasis for the creators of today and shapers of tomorrow. We created this series of posts to introduce you to:

  • The Four Movements that Human supports creators in cultivating and the philosophy behind them
  • Resources to support your growth and agility to move across these four movements
  • What Human is, why Human exists, and how Human supports a global community of creators around the world in shaping the emerging future with intention

Welcome to Human

The Four Movements

A creator’s life can be broken down into four core areas, or, movements:

  1. Humanity
  2. Community
  3. Innovation
  4. Impact

The movement of Humanity includes becoming human again on the lifelong journey to be and know ourselves.

The movement of Community includes finding the others who believe what you believe to align on a purpose for change.

The movement of Innovation includes uncovering underutilized potential to inform the creation of a new tomorrow.

The movement of Impact includes reimagining the purpose of a business to become a vehicle for experiencing the flourishing of our humanity.

These four movements are intertwined and deeply related. It is not possible for a creator to bring her whole self and thrive in her fullest authentic self-expression in one movement without the support of the others.

Throughout this week, we will explain each movement in more depth, including specific skills and competencies, sharing practices that are ready for you to implement, and explaining the various ways to participate in, and get the most from, Human as a support structure in your life.

Tomorrow we will discuss the first movement, Humanity, and share a practical resource for that movement — a 60 second microlesson with a video and practice on cultivating superpowers like empathy, compassion, vulnerability, and imagination to influence the inception of heart-centered ideas leading to impactful projects.

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